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Car Maths


Keep track of car expenses.You can add an unlimited number of vehicles, so keep track of every car that has your family or your company.Follow the average fuel consumption of each car.For cars with two fuel types, you have separate statistics for both fuels.Options for fuel: diesel, gas, LPG, methane, gas + LPG, diesel + LPG, gas + methane, diesel + methane.Separate sections: statistics, gas, services, other expenses.In statistics section you can see all the relevant information about the selected car. In addition to the fuel economy, you can also check expenses and how many days left till the next registration, as well as the number of the remaining miles/kilometers to next service.Fuel section gives you insight, when you do refuel, how much fuel you poured as well as its price. You can add refuel by clicking on "Menu" in the top right corner. When you click on entry, you have the option to delete the entry, as well as a review of the price of one liter/gallon and the notes that you have made. Average consumption is calculated after at least two entries. The precision of the average fuel consumption is growing with each new entry.On page services, you are adding services (by clicking on "Menu" in the top right corner) and you can see all previous services, with the date, description and miles/kilometers. Read more about the service by clicking on the single service entry.Two new speed test allow you to check the status of your car by measuring the time from 0 to 60 mph, as well as the time it takes a car to cross the 1/4 mile (440 yd).All other expenses you add on last page: tolls, washing, tires, registration, insurance, etc. As in previous cases, you can add new expenses by clicking on "Menu" in the top right corner.You can exchange data between devices (export and import), also you can export data formatted as CSV.If you have comments or suggestions, on the initial page of application click on "Menu" in the top right corner and click "Comments and suggestions".